Brewster-Southeast Joint Fire District

501 North Main Street
Brewster, NY 10509-1233
845 279-9229


John Klosowski Chairman
A. Gerald Schramek Co-Chairman
Kenneth Clair, Jr
Martin P. Miller
George Durmer

Mia Tagliafierro - Secretary
Margaret Miller - Treasurer


Brewster-Southeast Joint Fire District

The Brewster-Southeast Joint Fire District was formed
September 1, 1966 by joint resolution of the Village of
Brewster Board of Trustees and the Southeast Town Board.

 Help your community – join the Brewster Fire Department. 100% volunteers, we are; teachers, retirees, professionals, contractors, students, stay-at-home parents.
 We are seeking new members, especially those with time Monday through Friday during the day, such as parents with children in school or shift workers. You can choose to perform ambulance duties only. We’ll provide the training. Benefits:
 Free firefighter and/or EMS training, including CPR * Paid life insurance and a pension program * Property tax credit or a state income tax credit (your choice) * Holiday and family activities * Parades * Department-issued equipment.
 Help family and neighbors in an emergency. Stop by our Main Station any Monday evening or by email for info.


Regarding Creation of the Brewster Southeast EMS Company

May 24, 2023 at 7:00PM
501 North Main Street, Brewster, New York 10509

The Board of Fire Commissioners will be holding a special meeting
to discuss the creation of the Brewster Southeast EMS Company
via Zoom with Brad M. Pinsky, JD/MHA of Pinsky Law Group.

Mia Tagliafierro,
Secretary Board of Fire Commissioners
Brewster-Southeast Joint Fire District